But who is Callan?

Callan was Born in Kununurra but grew up in Perth and although he currently works at Maccas he aspires to become a great radio presenter even though currently he`s a better gamer then he is an announcer.

Callan has a bit of a weird and different personality (good weird not bad weird) because when he’s on air if he is not careful then he could very easily start to ramble on about something completely different to the subject and it will always be about something that will either be game related or about something that doesn’t exist and is completely made up.

And one of the weirdest things about him is that every now and again out of nowhere he will do some random impression of a character or person and although some are good, there are a few that are so bad that you can’t help but laugh.

However, behind the scenes, he can almost always be seen holding some kind of game controller and even if he isn’t you can be sure that there is one on his person. It is because of this that his knowledge of games and gaming culture is ridiculously large so don’t start talking about games with him because he will never stop.

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